Mark Zuckerberg's creations tend to be creepy: Disturbingly personalized ads, 1984ish facial recognition, and the reprehensible forced sharing of personal information. But the music service the Facebook CEO is expected to unveil this summer sounds smart and essential.

GigaOm's Om Malik hears that Facebook is trying to aggregate multiple music services into its social network. Not just Spotify, the miracle internet jukebox, but others, too; Pandora, Mog, Rhapsody, who knows. Facebook will add a "Music" tab, listing songs you've been listening to and chosen to share; songs recommended by your friends; songs you've recommended that your friends have listened to; the songs most often listened to by your friends; and the songs most recently listened to by your friends.

It's an infinitely more organic way to promote music than the traditional systems: Radio, impersonal and now thoroughly corrupted; stray music in shops and restaurants, even less personal and more corrupted; and live shows which, while often great, are always time consuming and frequently overpriced. The best old media music recommendation vehicle happens to be the one with the most in common with Facebook Music: The gifted mix tape. Just let us control who seeds our music page, Facebook. Some friends and relatives have no business near a jukebox, real or virtual.