Florida Gov. Rick Scott is terribly unpopular in his state after turning down billions in federal transportation dollars, requiring public employees to take drug tests at the drug-testing company he founded, being an asshole, and so on. How will he ever get his approval ratings out of the 20s? He won't do a thing. You, however, will send pre-written letters to the editors of seven Florida newspapers, and you will do it right now.

A new section has appeared on rickscottforflorida.com titled "Email a Newspaper Editor," and you don't even have to write the letter yourself. Rick Scott's staff has taken care of that for you! Just type in your name, email, and city, then choose a newspaper, and the form letter will go out. We've illustrated how to do this in the image up top.

Or you can delete the pre-written text and replace it with compliments of your own. Here are some Gawker suggestions that we think important newspaper editors would likely publish:

  • Why did we choose Lex Luthor to be our governor? Shouldn't we have gone with 'Superman' since he usually wins?
  • Don't blame me, I voted for Stalin.
  • What is a newspaper?

[via Wonkette]