Ooh, look, another propaganda video from Hollywood's favorite cult, the Church of Scientology. This one appears to have been filmed in the early '90s, and features a fascinating shot of Church leader David Miscavige singing a Scientology hymn with his cronies.

The Village Voice reports that this guy, in the "weird Hermes/goatse shirt," is Miscavige.

The lady at left is thought to be Miscavige's mysterious wife Shelly, who has reportedly been missing since 2006. To her right are two former Scientology bigwigs now thought to be "in the Hole," a manmade purgatory the New Yorker described as "a pair of double-wide trailers" south of Los Angeles, where misbehaving Scientologists are made to do "group confessions all day and all night."

Update: Voice editor Tony Ortega tweets that this "Hole" refers to the Church's Rehabilitation Project Force, which is either a faith-based counseling program or punitive prison camp, depending who you ask. You know your religion is hardcore when "in the Hole" could refer to one of many manmade purgatories.

If it weren't for all the disappeared people, this silly Scientology sing-a-long would be nerdy fun. But since three-quarters of its cast is allegedly missing or "in the Hole" these days, it's pretty creepy. [Village Voice]