New York City private schools: is there any news about them that is not horrible? No. All news about NYC private schools is horrible, because NYC private schools are run by and cater to horrible people, exclusively.

The latest horrible news: the WSJ today notes that for the first time, an NYC private school (Riverdale, home of the $800 per hour tutoring epidemic, natch) will charge more than $40K per year. More expensive than Harvard! Several other "elite" NYC private schools are creeping up on $40K, as well. You know who's the most broken up about this development? The people in charge of these very same preposterously expensive private schools.

In an email, Dominic A.A. Randolph, the head of Riverdale Country School, said he was "perturbed" by the ever-increasing costs of education.

Perturbed all the way to the bank.

"The question is, when does it stop?" said George Davison, the head of school at Grace Church School, which will charge $34,800 next year, a 6% increase.

This is a rhetorical question! It stops when people like—for example—George Davison, the head of school at Grace Church School, want it to stop, meaning "never."

"Even though you may have found yourself with enough people to pay the tuition, you may find yourself with a very different population in your school than you want to have," said John Allman, head of school at Trinity, another elite private school. "We think it's increasingly difficult for families across a socioeconomic spectrum to consider Trinity as a viable economic option."

Haha, John Allman is pretending that a mythical time existed when "families across a socioeconomic spectrum (larger than the top 2%)" ever considered Trinity School to be a "viable economic option." Wonderful storytelling skills, John Allman! Trinity has truly nurtured your creativity like a drab public school never would!

Continue being horrible, elite private school denizens. Own it.

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