The Republican Leadership Conference hired an Obama impersonator named Reggie Brown to liven up the proceedings on Saturday. And liven them up he did! Only, with jokes that are not really appropriate for political conferences—especially not conferences of parties that would like to present themselves as serious-minded and economy-focused rather than quasi-racist clown shows.

He said that Michelle Obama, the first lady, enjoys celebrating all of February, Black History Month. He said the president celebrates only half the month.

"My mother loved a black man and, no, she was not a Kardashian," Mr. Brown said later, referring to the family that stars in reality shows. [...] The audience, which was nearly entirely white, watched with befuddlement as the impersonator told them to look into the future to see what the Obamas will look like when they are retired. An image of a feuding husband and wife, from the TV show "Sanford and Son," was flashed on screens in the ballroom.

"Wonder why many minorities have problems with G.O.P.?" Republican strategist Doug Heye asked on Twitter later. "Our own fault." Brown was later removed from the stage, though at that point he had started in on a routine about Reublican presidential candidates, something about how "spinal transplants" are covered under "Obamneycare." It's good to know that—regardless of racial politics—the GOP is still the party of lame zingers.

[Politico; NYT; image via AP]