Sex-shamed congressman and budding amateur photographer Anthony Weiner is of course, following his resignation from the House of Representatives yesterday, considering his next move. Well, consider no further, sir! Entourage wants you.

OK so technically Doug Ellin, the HBO show's creator, asked Weiner to make an appearance on the show before he resigned, but we have to assume the offer still stands, right? Maybe more so than ever?

And just think about it! Think how his image would be improved if was seen hanging out with Vince and the boys during their final season. I mean maybe he could be a listening ear when Turtle confesses his dark, deep-seated insecurities ("I'm useless, utterly useless..." Turtle sobs while Weiner pats him on the back and shakes his head). Or maybe he could teach Johnny Drama how to read, or Adrian Grenier how to modulate tone in his voice. Or of course he could be a shoulder to cry on during Eric's funeral. (Like Jack from Lost, E has to die at the end of this show, right?) I think it could really work out well. Too bad Ellin says he's not gotten a response from Weiner yet. Come on, Weiner! Do it for Ari. [THR, Photo via Getty]