Several reporters have returned from Libya with tales of young gun-toting, hash-smoking rebels and really, can you blame these guys? By all accounts, the fighting in Libya is nasty and the alternative to victory over Qaddafi is death for most of them. But some rebels aren't feeling the front lines party vibe:

"They say ‘I can't fight without smoking hash first,'" said a rebel from Misrata, who wouldn't give his name. He spoke to an AP reporter on Azzurra, a Maltese ship carrying repatriated families and aid from Benghazi.

He said while the price of hash had increased since the civil war started — a 2 pound (kilogram) block of hashish in Misrata goes for about four times what it costs in the rebel capital, Benghazi. Demand, however, has not dropped.

"It's too bad — they are fighting for the noble cause of martyrdom, but they spoil it by getting high," the rebel said.

Said rebel needs to cut these guys a little slack. They're amateurs battling a professional army (and mercenaries), some of them fight in flip-flops, and the war has become a stalemate. Lighten up, man.

[He's smoking a cigarette, but would a joint look out of place here? (No). Image via AP]