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Here's a trailer for Moneyball, based on the non-fiction book by Michael Lewis about the general manager of a struggling MLB team trying to turn it all around. This movie had some trouble in getting made, but now here it is!

A few years ago Steven Soderbergh was attached to direct this, but the studio balked at his script, which included interviews with real players and other weeeeird stuff like that, so Soderbergh left mere days before shooting was to begin. Then came in Aaron Sorkin to do a rewrite of the script and Capote director Bennett Miller was handed the reins, and a more traditional, if still smart-seeming, sports movie was born.

Brad Pitt plays Oakland As GENERAL (jeez, sorry, sports people) manager Billy Beane, who revolutionized scouting and budgeting by employing a sabermetric method of zzzzzzzzzz.... Sorry, that's a little dry. The important thing is that Brad Pitt looks great! Better than he's looked in years. Plus Chris Pratt is in this, and he's a huggable teddybear. I'm also increasingly interested in Jonah Hill's transition from loutish comic relief to actual actor — he seems to be pulling it off! So, all good reasons to see this movie.

Still, kinda wish Soderbergh had gotten to make his movie.