Though billionaire Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling registered the "Pottermore" domain name two years ago, she's only recently put something on the site. Not much of a something, though. Just a "Coming soon" tease and some owls. OMG, what is it??

Rowling's spokesperson says it's not what you're all hoping. J.K. Rowling has not written another Harry Potter book. Well what then could it be? Some sort of official Potterpedia kind of thing? A merchandise store? The mad creation of a desperate Warner Bros. executive who just can't accept that the movie franchise money explosion is finally over? The world is eager to find out!

A curious YouTube page tells us that an announcement is coming in about a week. So start placing your bets. Right now my money's on a Harry Potter slash-fic porn site. It could happen! Maybe Rowling's gone a bit batty over the years, holed up in her Scottish castle with all her wealth and fame. "I came to realize that I, too, would be curious to see Snape and Draco roger each other. So I made it happen. Because I'm J.K. Rowling." Accio sex! [Galleycat]

Update: A tipster tells us that Pottermore is some sort of branded smartphone. Um. Oof.