Usually when God decides to randomly say "Heyyyy" to us mortal beings, he chooses some sort of food as his venue—a tortilla, or a powdered-cheese puff-pellet, or a pierogi. But in nudging Kansas woman Audreanna Phelps, God went super-personal, showing up on her actual person.

Phelps says she was at the mall when she looked at her leg and noticed that some veins had formed into a shape that looked like G-O-D. She showed her leg to some family members, and they all agreed that yep, it was definitely GOD. She believes the marking is an acknowledgment from above that her prayers have been heard:

I feel it's a unique mark and has meaning. I don't know what God has planned, but I feel like he's going to use me and I'm excited."

It's cool that Phelps is so happy about her new God-given tattoo-type feature, but if this happened to us, we'd feel cheated. You can sell a Jesus pierogi online and make some good money; you can't really do that with your leg.

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