Today in rich people things: Here is a Manhattan couple selling their Chelsea townhouse that has a full-sized swimming pool in the living room. Yes, that's right. They have their own swimming pool that's probably larger than your whole apartment.

Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller inherited the house on 15th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues with the 15-by-30-foot pool in 1995 when her brother died. She refers to the house as her brother's "bachelor pad" where he threw "great parties" in the pool. (Man, I wish I'd been invited to those orgies.)

The worst part about having the pool, Ms. McMurray Van-Zeller says, is that it makes it hard to clean her medieval art collection. Oh, the tortures she faces!

Well, if you want to be able to watch TV while enjoying the delightful aroma of chlorine and the wistful reflection of light dancing across the shimmering surface of the water, the house can be yours for just $10.955 million. Oh, that's nothing! I'm putting in a bid.