In your weaponized Wednesday media column: Brian Stelter forms a media power couple, the NYT's Week in Review revamp approaches, Keith Olbermann's childishness cataloged, Lloyd Grove lurches drunkenly, and the NY Daily News gets new offices.

  • New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter has a new girlfriend (announced on Facebook!): Nicole Lapin, an anchor at CNBC. Now then! Brian Stelter made his name covering TV news as a blogger, and he still covers TV news at the NYT. "What the dilly?" is what we asked the paper, regarding this situation. Bruce Headlam, the editor of the NYT's media section, told us that from now on, "he just doesn't cover CNBC. If there's a passing reference to the network in a blog post or ratings story, I'm not going to get too worked up. We'll steer clear of anything beyond that." Stelter tells us that his two most recent stories about CNBC—one about the death of Mark Haines, and the other about CNBC's role in the movie "Too Big to Fail"—were written before the relationship started, at the very end of May.

    So there you have it. Brian Stelter lost a bunch of weight and is starring in amovie and now he has a famous girlfriend. He also seems to be wearing decent clothes. How long before he quits journalism entirely? You don't belong here, Brian.
  • Oooo, the NYT's... much-anticipated?... relaunch of the Week in Review section will debut on June 26. New design! New features! New Frank Bruni! And whatnot. We'll just sit here contemplating it quietly, until June 26.
  • David Carr's written a big magazine feature about your friend and ours, shy and retiring television host Keith Olbermann. On KO's departure from MSNBC: "But mostly he may have underestimated how fed up MSNBC was with his antics. There were times when he threatened not to come to work because of something someone said at his own station or in the press. It made for some tense moments, with substitute hosts on standby and very senior people spending hours talking him off a ledge and into the Town Car that would take him to the studio." You are a child, sir.
  • This is probably the best story ever written about encountering Lloyd Grove drunk at a Ghetto Film School benefit.
  • The New York Daily News has new offices. Good, because their old ones were kind of depressing! See a slideshow here.

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