Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner's wife and a top aide to Hillary Clinton, just returned home today from a week-long trip to Africa. She drove into her house early this morning and has not left since. Dun Dun DUNNNNNN.

According to Politico, Abedin at first told her husband to fight to keep his job after his public confession last week. But since then, the pressure has increased on Weiner to resign. Apparently Abedin and Weiner are going to talk it out before Weiner, who just checked himself into treatment for Chronic Accidental Dick-Tweeting Syndrome (CADS), decides on a possible resignation.

We imagine the conversation is going some like this:

HUMA: "Honey, I'm back from Africa! You didn't tweet any more pictures of your penis to random ladies while I was gone, did you?"
ANTHONY: "No, Huma..."

Meanwhile, former porn star Ginger Lee just held a press conference in New York with lamprey-eel-to-the-stars Gloria Allred about her digital dalliances with the congressman. Strangely, Ginger Lee says that Weiner mentioned in emails a looming Twitter sex scandal, long before it actually broke. So, maybe he actually knew he was going to caught?

Lee said that she and Weiner exchanged about 100 emails since March of 2011, after Weiner got in contact with her following a supportive blog post she wrote. But she says did not sext with Weiner, even though he tried repeatedly to take things to a sexy level with emails like "You aren't giving my package due credit," whatever that means. She said that Weiner personally called her on June 2nd to advise her about how to lie to the media. Oh, also, Ginger Lee thinks Weiner should resign. So, that makes her the second-most-artifically-tan person to think that, after John Boehner.

Weinergate's not over—it's getting started all over again!

[Image via AP]