Today TMZ released something far worse than anything Anthony Weiner accidentally Tweeted: a shirtless photo of Newt Gingrich. The corpulent pastiness is enough to give you nightmares! What's even worse is that corpulent pastiness belongs to Newt Gingrich.

This photo was taken on Newt's recent Greek vacation while his staff was back in D.C. plotting to walk out en masse on his budding presidential campaign. It's almost a little sad that he looks so comfy while disaster is looming. This picture is unflattering in so many ways, most of all how he's sunning himself on a rock. That isn't going to help a man named Newt escape the inevitable reptile comparisons, now is it?

Update: Gingrich's spokesman, Joe DeSantis, is denying that it's a pic of Newt. "The picture on TMZ is not him...remarkable resemblance though," he tweeted. As of yet, the former House speaker has yet to address the matter himself, but TMZ has since deleted the post.

[Photos via Getty, TMZ]