There are very few instances when eating anything at all from McDonald's deserves a pass. Post-joint/blunt/bong rip/whatever is one of them. But when you're getting high in public it pays to be at least somewhat vigilant (when possible). Just ask flagrant 21-year-old Jose Barrera of Elgin, Illinois:

The officer was in the drive-through lane of the restaurant at 401 Summit St., Elgin, about 12:30 a.m. Monday when he smelled marijuana in the air, according to police spokeswoman Sue Olafson. Upon investigation, the officer determined the passenger of the car in front of him was smoking the illegal substance.

Police say they found additional cannabis in a container in the vehicle. In total, 1.4 grams was confiscated, Olafson said.

He's out on $120 bond, and mommy is probably so mad. Just look at that baby face!

[Trib Local; image via]