Here's an awkward scenario: Muammar Qaddafi's eldest son, Muhammad, throwing London 2012 Olympic Games ragers in Britain, attending high profile events, and maybe even scalping some tickets for a little extra cash. It could happen! The Telegraph reports that the Libyan Olympic Committee, which is headed by Muhammad, has been granted nearly 1,000 tickets to the Games, and they are free to sell them "at a 20 per cent mark-up."

A government official expressed some concern to the paper that the Libyan dictator might crash the Games:

"There is consternation about the fact that country teams are entitled to invite their heads of state, meaning that Gaddafi, who we are desperately trying to bomb into oblivion, could try to disrupt the Games."

NATO will definitely be finished in Libya by next summer — and the Qaddafis will all be dead or in the Hague or Venezuela — so ask them for extra tickets while you still can.

[Image via AP]