Who would have guessed that the guy behind "The Most American Campaign Ad Ever Made" would also make The Most Racist Campaign Ad Ever Made? Everyone, probably. Everyone could have guessed that.

The ad was made by Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. (who, to be fair, has confronted race issues before) for the brand-new Turn Right PAC. Its target, Janice Hahn, is running to replace retiring congresswoman Jane Harman. Hre's some context about the election:

Democrats sort of bungled a low-turnout jungle primary for Jane Harman's open seat. They expected it to produce an all-Democrat race between Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen, but Bowen fell short, and Republican Craig Huey got the other runoff spot.

Huey will likely get creamed. But that doesn't mean we can't have an ad that makes the infamous Willie Horton spot look like Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!

Update: Ehlinger tells the L.A. Weekly that he wrote the track in the ad with Florida's own "Splack Pack," who, we're guessing, have heard a 2 Live Crew song or two before:

Huey's campaign manager condemned the ad as "highly offensive," to which Ehlinger responded, "He's absolutely right... It is offensive and it has absolutely nothing to do with him." Ha-ha! Uh! Okay?

Finally, we'll also note, as several commenters have pointed out, that "Give Us Your Cash, Bitch" is Also The Most Sexist Campaign Ad Ever Made, and, obviously, we wouldn't want to diminish the incredible misogyny on display by focusing only on the racial bigotry!

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