From the Department of Totally Normal Home Sales comes the news today that Candy Spelling, wife of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling, has finally unloaded her famous 57,000 square-foot (yes) Los Angeles mansion for an undisclosed sum.

The buyer? Oh, you know, just a 22-year-old Formula One heiress named Petra Ecclestone who already owns a $90 million six-story home in London. So she won't even be living in the 57,000 sq. ft. castle on a regular basis. Good lord. Spelling Manor had been listed at $150 million, the most expensive home in the country, but that price likely dropped when the real estate market collapsed.

So what does a $100 million+ home buy you? Oh, you know, the usual. Stuff like a bowling alley, a beauty parlor, and a few of Candy's famous gift wrapping rooms. Because if you have 57,000 square feet of house, it's almost wasteful not to have more than one gift wrapping room. Come to think of it, I'm surprised Santa didn't buy this house. A perfect warm weather retreat where, hey, he could also get some work done!

And Ms. Spelling, to where will she be retiring? Well, she's decided to "downsize" to a 15,000 square foot condominium. Haha! A condominium? What, is it attached to a bunch of other 15,000 square foot condominiums? Buying a 15,000 square foot condominium is like buying a Smart car limousine. It just totally defeats the purpose. Ah well. It's all relative. 15,000 square feet is small for Candy Spelling, because that's just the world we live in. [WSJ, Photo of Candy and Tori Spelling via Getty]