The NYT today has a fascinating article about the fight against obesity in Louisville, where the city's government is trying to use smart urban planning as a tool to help citizens slim down. But do we have suggestions? Well, okay!

  • Every building in your city is five miles apart. Also, you've ripped out all the roads in your city.
  • Your city is built on a mountain. The 7-11 is at the very top of the mountain.
  • There weren't any mountains where your city is, so you had to pick up your whole city and carry it to the mountain.
  • You put weights on top of all the stuff in your city.
  • Instead of cars in your city, you have a large boulder that you just push against, then stay right where you are.
  • You get the army to surround your city for 900 days, and everyone goes on the "Siege of Leningrad Diet." Not really. You just don't allow food in your city.
  • Your city has moving sidewalks? Yeah, moving in the opposite direction.
  • Your city mandates that fast food restaurants may only be built in a special "zone," located in another city.
  • It's illegal to cheat on that last rep, in your city.
  • You know who's from your city? Muhammad Ali. Just do whatever he did.

[NYT. Photo: HelloLouisville/ Flickr]