Preparing to wire swimming pool in suburban Minnesota, an electrician passed the time playing with his cellphone. He was videotaping a construction crane placing the pool into the homeowner's backyard when the crane tipped over, crushing the house and causing the most impassioned swearing spree I have ever heard on YouTube. (Fast forward to 1:50 for abridged version.)

Local news station KARE-11 explains,

The crane company, Truck Crane Service, told the homeowner, who did not want to be interviewed, that a computer error is to blame for the mishap. They said there was a lot of margin between the pools weight, and what the crane could handle.

Here's how the electrician described it on his company's YouTube page:

I was filming with my phone and I heard the crane operator scream and I took off running toward the front of the house as soon as he started to yell I knew something went wrong. It sounded like thunder when the thing hit the house knocked out the chimney crushed the garage and busted up the house good. The operator was shaking in his boots scared the hell out of him not to mention things like this do not happen they have a load chart that prevents things like that.. needless to say he was on the phone with the owner of the company right away. Crazy Friday....

Nobody was injured. The pool cracked, but the homeowner is going to carry on with the installation, anyway. [AdvantageElectric1, KARE11]