Hacker collective LulzSec cracked into Senate.gov today, shortly after a loosely affiliated group, Anonymous, took down the website of the Spanish national police force. This is starting to look like the most embarrassing world war on record.

Following prior attacks on PBS, Sony and an FBI affiliate, LulzSec posted documents proving it had broken into the U.S. Senate's public web server, including login records and server configuration files. "US government... sites aren't very secure," the group wrote.

At least the site stayed up. In Spain, a distributed denial of service attack apparently launched by Anonymous took down policia.es, the national police website, for about an hour. The move was said to be retaliation for the arrest of three Spanish Anonymous members. Turkish police, who said they have just detained 32 more, should probably lock down their servers. It would be nice to see at least one government that can effectively secure its private data against hackers.

[Photo via Shutterstock]