Two men filed lawsuits today against Teresa and Joe Giudice, other members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in the Dominican Republic after a physical altercation at the hotel in February. There's always drama!

Adolfo Arreola, a member of the police squad at the University of Illinois Chicago campus, alleges that Teresa sprayed champagne on his mother-in-law and when he asked her and the other cast members to stop, he was jumped, beaten, and injured by Joe and some of the other men in the party, including Albie and Christopher Manzo. His cousin was injured when he tried to step in and break it up. Arreola signed an agreement when the incident occurred saying he wouldn't sue, but seems to have changed his mind. He's looking for damages for his injuries and for the emotional distress. If everyone who's been caused emotional distress from a Real Housewife filed a lawsuit, we'd need a whole lot more judges in this country.

At least this means that when the cast goes on vacation this season, we're going to get to watch them fighting with someone other than each other for a change.

[Chicago Tribune; image via Getty]