What once looked bright, briefly, has now darkened again. What will Love do? Also today: Good news for fans of The Killing, bad news for some fans of Game of Thrones, and Madonna gets picked up.

  • Unless you count an episode of the particularly unpleasant summer-dump series Love Bites, Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn't been up to much of anything since Ghost Whisperer ended a year or so ago. So it was with great excitement that her fans received the news that Love was being considered as a replacement lead on Law & Order: SVU, a show that proves that in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially entertaining. Love did a guest-star spot on the show last season and proved able to navigate the show's often turgid, melodramatic dialogue, so she seemed like a good fit. NBC prez Bob Greenblatt even mentioned the rumor at upfronts. But now, alas, it seems it shan't come to fruition. The rumor has quieted and nearly evaporated. Maybe it's a good thing. Joining a show in its (aprox) 43rd season isn't always the best career move. At least now she's got some momentum going. My suggestion for her next movie? I Remain Aware of What You Did All Those Summers Ago and Now, So Many Years Later, I Think We Should Meet, Maybe Have a Glass Of Wine, and Reminisce, As Peers, If Not As Friends, Because We've Both Grown and Changed As People, At Least I Know I Have, and I Hope You Have Too. It'd be a hit! [Deadline]
  • Well this is sexy news. Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish actor who plays the grimily attractive detective partner guy on AMC's The Killing, has been cast in the new romantic comedy written by (and costarring) rising indie favorite Zoe Lister Jones, which stars rising indie-to-mainstream convert Greta Gerwig. Kinnaman will be playing a tattoo artist who ditches Gerwig at the altar. OK, fair enough, but I think a better role for him would be as the guy who goes with me to the movie and then afterward we go somewhere and drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes and then see where the night takes us. Don't you think he'd be perfect in that part?? [THR]
  • Aha, speaking of The Killing, the AMC show has been renewed for a second season. So I guess it will be called Another Killing? And will it star the same people? I haven't watched last night's episode yet, so please no spoils, but isn't the lady moving to Sonoma? I don't know. What I do know is that they revealed the killer last night. I want to know who it is! I bet I know. It's the lesbian who lives on the boat, isn't it? It's totally Reggie! Reggie, why???? [Deadline}
  • And speaking of spoilers, many people are upset about what happened on Game of Thrones last night. I won't tell you what happened except to say that one of the thrones won the game. All the other thrones were like "Aw, man" and went home. OK, so I guess that is a total spoiler, but what did you expect from a show called Game of Thrones? Thrones play a game and only one can win. ANYWAY, yes. People are super duper mad about this thing that happened, even though it happened in the books, and now everyone's like "We'll never watch again!" which is stupid, because lots more good stuff happens! Lots more, I swear. [EW]
  • Oh good, just what we need in 2011. Tunafish spokeswoman Jessica Simpson will be on a new reality show, consulting wannabes in how to start their own fashion lines. I mean, to be fair she does know about this stuff, she is worth like a bamillion dollars because of her clothes. Of course the clothes eventually burn your skin off like acid and they take six hundred thousand years to biodegrade, but other than that, they're great. The show, Fashion Star, will air on NBC. [E!]
  • The Weinstein Company has acquired the terribly British movie W.E., which is directed by the terribly not British Madonna. The movie is about Wallis Simpson and King Edward's affair, and also about a modern romance. Will it be about how Wallis Simpson was a racist Nazi too? Or will it sweep the awkward Nazi stuff under the rug, like they did with Evita? What is it with Madonna's obsession with romantic characters who were also fans of the Nazis? Well, I guess it's just a movie thing. Quentin Tarantino has his feet, and Madonna has her white ladies who love the Nazis. Different strokes. [Deadline]

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