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We've obtained a copy of Target's notorious internal anti-union propaganda video, which it shows to all new employees in America when they're hired. As far as we know, it can't be found online anywhere else.

The 13-minute video, "Think Hard Before You Sign," has the production values and cheesy dialogue of an eighth-grade educational film. It begins with an earnest discussion of Target's business agility, and, at about the 1:50 mark, the anti-union push begins in earnest. Highlights include:

  • The fictional employees' assurance that "you can get more hours" without a union—although a persistent inability to get enough hours to earn a living wage is one of the prime reasons that Target employees in New York are now contemplating joining a union.
  • The repeated reminders that "you have the right" to not sign a union card, pay union dues, or have a union represent you in any way, as if union-busting were a dramatic assertion of a retail employee's fundamental human rights.
  • Target director of labor relations Jim Rowader's outfit and haircut. Hey there, Jim.

For a sophisticated multibillion-dollar corporation, Target sure turns out some shitty propaganda. (Though we knew that already.) For perspective on this video and the Target employment situation as a whole from real Target employees, see here or here.