As you would expect, the hottest business story on Long Island right now is the ongoing rivalry between traditional breast-ogling wings bar Hooters and its upstart rival, Canz. The gross patriarchal undertones are being analyzed in typical Long Island fashion.

"They make us feel uncomfortable with our bodies there," ex-Hooters babe Carly Adesso, 19, of Ronkonkoma said after defecting to Canz.

The fact that Carly Adesso (as well as the owner of Canz) hails from Ronkonkoma, Long Island is the only thing less surprising than the fact that scantily clad beer-carriers at Canz imagine themselves to possess "business secrets."

"They have people come in here and videotape us" in order to copy waitresses' mannerisms, said another Hooters defector, Gina Ilczyszyn, 22, of Levittown.

Levittown, needless to say, is also on Long Island.

[NYP. Photo: BemDevassa/ Flickr]