Bay Area radio evangelist Harold Camping, who proclaimed that the world was ending on May 21 and was "flabbergasted" when it did not, though invisibly it did, was hospitalized on Thursday night after suffering from a stroke.

A neighbor says Camping, 89, is doing "OK," but that his speech "appears to be a little bit slurred." Meanwhile, the regional manager of Family Stations Inc.—the parent company of Camping's Family Radio—asked the station's supporters via Yahoo! group to pray for the "gravelly"-voiced prophet. "He and Shirley [Camping's wife] have enough family members to handle the situation," the manager wrote. "I'm sure we'll be able to publicly update everyone on Monday." The message requested that people not contact Camping's family or Family Radio, so maybe hold off on sending those "Get Well Soon" fruit baskets and cookie bouquets until further notice (assuming you didn't spend all your money on "May 21" billboards and can still afford to buy gifts, of course).

In case you've already forgotten, the end of the world has been rescheduled for October 21.

[Oakland Tribune. Image via AP.]