Bret Lockett's story gets weirder and weirder. Kim Kardashian's wedding photos are worth $1 million. Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel are getting close. Sunday gossip is checking in to sexting rehab.

  • Pro footballer Bret Lockett, who told InTouch that he'd had an affair with Kim Kardashian, admitted on Saturday that he never actually, well, met Kardashian, despite his claim that the two carried on a "physical relationship." He attempted to clarify on Showbiz Tonight: "She did tell me that she was touching herself in a physical way, over the phone, towards me. So when I say physical, that's what I mean." Oh, Brett. Who have you been sexting for the last few months?

[There was a video here]


  • Speaking of House Kardashian: Page Six reports that People is spending $1 million for exclusive coverage of Kim's upcoming nuptials to what's his name. Will the magazine "recoup its investment"? Only if something awesome happens at the wedding, like a UFO sighting. [Page Six]
  • Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel are said to be dating after meeting on the set of their movie, a remake of The Blood of a Poet. That Gerard Butler, always engaged in real, heterosexual relationships with his costars! I guess that's just what it's like when you're a straight actor like Gerard Butler! You can't stop yourself from engaging in sex acts with women, because you love women, and their body parts, all the time. [NYDN]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton told actor Colin Firth that they "loved" his movie The King's Speech. You know what else was good? Woody Allen's new movie. Not Citizen Kane, or anything, just a fun little summer flick. [Page Six]