Following rumors of a "sex tape" last week, LeAnn Rimes took to Twitter to say she'd "never filmed [herself] having sex on tape, period." That may be true! But someone has a private tape of Rimes in her underwear, and he's posted some screengrabs online.

The video was the subject of much discussion on a college sports message board called Tiger Droppings, where a user named "OneMoreVol" told other posters that he found "the memory stick to a digital camera" in a rented Ryder truck, and it contained "about ten, 15-20 sec videos" of LeAnn Rimes in a thong. He also posted three screengrabs.

Star Magazine seems to have picked up on OneMoreVol's story, and last week it reported that Rimes was attempting to block the release of a "provocative seminude video of Leanna with ex-husband Dean Sheremet." The Star item quickly turned into rumors of a "sex tape"—the one Rimes took to Twitter to deny. And, indeed, according to OneMoreVol's description, Rimes isn't having sex on tape:

Sometime around 2008 I found the memory stick to a digital camera. Took it home and watched it and it had about ten, 15-20 sec videos of her shot by her then husband. She's in her bedroom changing clothes trying to find an outfit for some court case. She definitely wasn't as skinny as the pics in this thread and had a lot of cellulite. There was a mirror behind her so you can see her husband holding the camera and he is talking like a baby to her. Kinda a creepy. I kept the memory stick in case I could ever sell it but haven't tried.

Sometime around when the news of his tape hit the gossip press, OneMoreVol went back through his previous posts and systematically removed some of the details he provided about the tapes—and the screenshots he posted. (According to Star, Rimes' lawyer sent him a cease-and-desist letter.)

But on the internet, everything lives forever. Noticing that OneMoreVol was trying to cover his tracks, some Tiger Droppings posters began digging up his old posts, which were saved on Google's cache. One poster, who'd saved the "evidence" when it was originally posted, sent us the three screengrabs from OneMoreVol's now-edited thread, which we've published here.

As you can see, there's not a lot of "sex" going on in the "provocative seminude video"—just some seminudity—and the most provocative moment, according to OneMoreVol, is when Rimes "bends over in front of the mirror in her thong."

As for the court case she's said to be discussing: It seems likely that it's the lawsuit she filed against her father in 2000, which wasn't settled until 2002, after her relationship with Sheremet had begun, and hardly counts as a subject for dirty talk. So much for a the LeAnn Rimes sex tape! If anything, we're sad we can't hear Sheremet's "creepy" baby talk.