So, what does Obama impersonator Reggie Brown think about government entitlement programs? And why in the hell would anyone care? Perhaps the answer is known only to John Stossel and the residents of Fox Nation.

On Thursday night, the sometimes-shirtless Stossel and his pal, Mustache, invited Brown and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson onto their tv show to participate in a pretend debate. It was all such good, clean fun! Ha. But as this clip from Media Matters for America shows, Johnson seems to have taken the whole thing far too seriously—even knocking his head on his podium a few times to indicate frustration with the Fauxbama:

"Why would anyone agree to do this? It's humiliating!," writes Alex Pareene at Salon. It is a good question! Maybe Johnson learned/knew that Ron Paul had also participated in a fake debate with the fake Obama and was like, "if it's good enough for Ron Paul, then it's good enough for me." Or maybe he just likes political cosplay.

Who will fake-Obama debate next? Will it be fake Donald Trump? Why not have presidential candidates debate impersonators of other presidents, like Abe Lincoln? There's a lot of untapped potential in this idea—hopefully Stossel is brave enough to go for it.

[Media Matters, via Pareene]