When aging musical jack-of-all-trades Jack White of the White Stripes and his model wife Karen Elson announced their divorce to friends, it wasn't with teary phone calls in the middle of the night, it was with an invitation. They're throwing a divorce party!

The couple decided to split on their sixth anniversary, as it happens. But they weren't just going to fight over whose CDs belong to who or which weekends he gets the kids. No, they're marking the event with a party for all their friends and family. According to the invite, there will be dancing, photos, memories, and "drinks with alcohol in them." That sounds like a blast!

They're not the only prominent couple to get in on the trend. Last month, kajillionaire Charles Bronfman (yes, of those Bronfmans) and his wife Bonnie invited their friends to a similar party, also with engraved invitations. How civilized!

And you know what? A divorce party, especially when couples split as amicably as these, is a good idea. It reassures everyone that they can continue to openly socialize with both halves of the now-split duo without any fear of retribution or social awkwardness. (So when having dinner with Jack, you can mention that you brunched with Karen last week—no big deal. These two are still friends. They even party together!)

It also turns would could be a hard time into something fun and enjoyable. Friends and family can have one last fling with the couple as a unit before they go their separate ways. It's a considerate thing to do—not to mention a boost to the economy. And since just about everyone is getting divorced these days, that's just lots more parties for all of us to go to.

I, for one, fully support this idea and hope it becomes the social norm to the point where even pairs that loathe each other are forced to have a divorce party. Just think about how fun it will be to sit with your friend Sally on one side of a party while she gets wasted and tells mean stories about her soon-to-be ex-husband Mike, who lost his job, has a problem getting it up, and just refuses to let her watch as much HGTV as she'd like. Hopefully his friends will be telling Mike about how much they hate Sally and never thought she was a good fit. Then there will be a fight and Mike's mom will cry a little bit, and then you'll realize it's time to go home before the cops show up. Yeah, man, divorce parties are the new hotness. Get hip to it!

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