Here's a trailer for the Sundance favorite Pariah, the story of a girl growing up in Brooklyn who just happens to be a lesbian. She faces tough stuff from her family, but, one hopes, eventually overcomes.

People will likely compare this movie to Precious, what with its Sundance accolades, its one P-word title, and the presence of poor black people (these movies can either be Precious or Friday, there is nothing else), but where Precious was someone cowed into a self-hating stupor, the lead character in Pariah, 17-year-old Alike, seems alive with confidence and vitality. This seems more like a gritty Breaking Away than like the dour, downlifting Precious. "But, but, black people!" some movie people will cry. Yes, black people. Still not the same movie.

Well, OK, there is a nasty, villainous mama in this one too, also played by a comedienne. Mo'Nique got her chance to play fierce and fearsome in Precious, and now Kim Wayans is doing it in Pariah. Remember Kim Wayans?? From In Living Color? From, y'know, the Wayans?? She's back! And she's apparently quite good in this. That is very exciting.