Paige Wiser was the TV critic at the Chicago Sun-Times. She was fired yesterday for fabricating part of a review. But she might still have a job if it wasn't for her damn kids.

You see, Paige Wiser was tasked with writing a review of "Glee! Live," a sort of singing show, which exists. Paige decided to take her children to the performance with her. That's when things went awry. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Wiser, 40, said she brought her two young children to the show Friday at Rosemont's Allstate Arena with the approval of an editor who told her "cute kids' reaction would be more than welcome" in the story. Her son fell off a chair during the show. Her daughter vomited into a cotton-candy bag.

They left three songs later, only 13 numbers into the concert, but her report included commentary on the encore based on information from previous "Glee Live!" shows.

Yes, her god damn kids were falling off chairs and vomiting and she'd just had enough of it so she left the god damn "Glee! Live" show but she still had to turn in a review to put food on the table for these kids to vomit up later, so she just wrote up a "review" of the songs she thought they were going to sing, which turned out not to be the songs they actually sang, and ughhhhhhhh, now Paige Wiser has totally lost her fucking job, over this bullshit. To her eternal credit, she's completely remorseful and accepting of her punishment.

That vomiting kid will never live this down.

Do you really need a "review" of "Glee! Live" in your newspaper, Chicago?

[Photo via wdecora/Flickr]