Earlier this week Shrek, the world's (probably) wooliest sheep, died in New Zealand at age 16. So as the nation ponders its future without Shrek — an animal so famous and influential that it had the ear of the prime minister — museums are lining up for the right to display his stuffed carcass for future generations. The national museum, Te Papa, wants him, and so does the Otago Museum near his home. But what would Shrek want? The New Zealand Herald explains:

The plan - which followed Shrek's last will and testament, published in his book - was for his body and organs to be cremated while a taxidermist would get his carcass ready for display.

Shrek's fleece was not overly long when he was put down, and if he went on display he would be wearing his red coat, first used to keep him warm after he was shorn in 2004.

[NZ Herald; image via AP]