Police say 23-year-old Eric Carrier, of Hooksett, N.H., faked a brain injury in order to get his diaper changed by a nurse. Apparently, he placing an ad on Craigslist posing as the father of a brain-damaged son, luring an in-home nurse to his house so the nurse could "assess what type of care she needed to provide in the future."

Of course, Carrier seemed to be only interested in one kind of care: Diaper-changing. Also, he is not brain-damaged. She "was in the home less than an hour before the diaper incident occurred," and, since the (fictional) father wasn't present, decided to clean Carrier up herself. "After some time," the Union-Leader writes, "she was unsure if he actually needed nursing care."

He did not. At least, not nursing care of the sort she was qualified to give. After no one called to set up a second appointment, she contacted police, and Carrier turned himself in on Tuesday.

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