In your scorching Thursday media column: the NYT and WaPo get into crowdsourcing, Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck are unpopular, Ann Curry gets her own era, and a notable takedown.

  • The Washington Post and the NYT are crowdsourcing their reporting on the 24,000 Sarah Palin emails set to be released this week—all you do is volunteer, (you have to fill out a whole application for the WaPo!) then sift through the emails and tell the papers what's in there that's interesting, which they'll then report, and not pay you anything. In separate news, rank amateurs unsupervised out on the faceless internet will never be able to do the work of real reporters, the NYT and Washington Post still maintain, as a matter of institutional principle.
  • Of those people who know who the hell Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck are, many, many more dislike them than like them. Very, very surprising. Very.
  • Ann Curry started at the Today Show today. Or, I guess you could say that the "Ann Curry era begins." But that seems a bit dramatic.
  • Here you will find the coldest last line in blog history.

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