In the mid-90s, fancy Swiss bank UBS ditched Manhattan and moved its headquarters to Stamford, Connecticut. They did this because... (ed: check this). The point is, they fucked up, because the suburbs suck, so let's stop kidding ourselves.

The NYT says that UBS is now trying to move back into the city, because—although there must surely be someone somewhere who likes Stamford, Connecticut—that person is not a UBS employee, or a UBS client, because both of those categories of people hate going to Stamford, Connecticut.

Yeah, nobody wants to work in the suburbs. Breaking.

Related: the Manhattan apartment vacancy rate is at its lowest level in almost five years, and "Average Manhattan rental prices are just a hair below their 2007 peaks."

Yeah, nobody wants to live in the suburbs, either. Breaking.

Is it the coyotes? Yes, and the suicide-inducing sense of existential malaise.

[Photo: Rebecca Wilson/ Flickr]