It seems that tiny showbiz dynamo Chris Colfer, gay angel of Glee, is not content ruling his small corner of Hollywood. He wants the publishing industry too. So he's inked a two-book deal with Little, Brown.

Colfer will write two young adult novels, the first one, The Land of Stories, to be released next summer. Land of Stories is about a musical television show that can't keep any of its storylines straight or consistent so it just jumps around willy-nilly and hopes no one will notice amidst all the blaring, auto-tuned pop songs and increasingly hokey forced emotional moments. BURN. No, the book is actually about two twin brothers, Alex and Conner, who wind up transported through their favorite book into a magical place full of storybook characters.

But wait. Is one of them GAY? Isn't that Chris Colfer's whole thing, that he's GAY? There has to be something GAY about this, doesn't there? Maybe the About the Author photo will be of Colfer looking beatific and a little tearful as he... Well, what I was going to write was too dirty I think, so let's just say "as he kisses a boy on the private parts with his mouth open." Does that work? I think it does. Where's my book deal?? [GalleyCat, photo via Getty]