There are so many legal ways to impress your lady, like producing funny sitcoms or taking her to P.F. Chang's. Moving her family into a stranger's "multimillion dollar" vacation home that you've broken into is not one of these ways, as young Todd Blauvelt now probably realizes.

According to a state police investigator, Blauvelt, 18, told his girlfriend and her family that he had inherited a 6,000 square-foot lake house in South Bristol, a town in western New York state. A magnanimous sort, he invited the girlfriend's family to move in with him. So they did! But they only got to stay for about an hour or so before the true owner showed up, saw all these unfamiliar people hanging out inside their vacation palace, and called police. Blauvelt was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary (a felony) and punishable false written statement (a misdemeanor); the girlfriend and her family apparently didn't know anything about the savvy scheme, and aren't in any trouble.

In addition to the burglary charge and the other charge, Blauvelt's also facing charges for sexual misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child. Turns out that his girlfriend is only 15 years old. "He loves trouble I guess and I've been trying to steer him right for a long time," says a lakefront property owner who knows Blauvelt and is probably no more impressed with him than his girlfriend's family must be.

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