After assuming—from the looks of it, quite wrongly—that his ex-girlfriend had gotten an abortion, Greg Fultz spent $1,300 to have this unique billboard erected along a highway in Alamogordo, N.M. Now he and his silhouette-baby are Internet famous!

Despite its highly personalized nature, Fultz's billboard is "an anti abortion billboard not an attack," he says. Funny thing is, at the time he made his pro-life purchase he wasn't even sure his girlfriend, Nani Lawrence, had actually received an abortion; she says she suffered a miscarriage. "But if it was abortion, then my purpose is to try to prevent this from happening to someone else," he told a local news station.

Lawrence sued on invasion of privacy claims, and got the billboard taken down. She also obtained an order of protection against Fultz, who seems to be enjoying all the attention he's getting.

Fultz's billboard got us to wondering about what other kinds of pro-life billboards might be posted out there on the highways of America. Do you wonder, too? Then check these out.

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Like Fultz's billboard, this one being posted around Los Angeles by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles also uses the "silhouette child" theme. The boy is probably like, "how did wombs suddenly become more dangerous for Latinos than Arizona?"

The South Carolina nonprofit Let Her Live uses a silhouette girl to promote its pro-life message. She looks too old to be aborted, so she can probably stop worrying.

[Image via Let Her Live]

It's probably good that fetuses can't actually talk like this cartoon one can, because they would probably say "OMG it's so dark in here, I can't see! Turn on the lights, I can't see, somebody please LISTENNNN" over and over and over again, until their moms completely lost their minds.

[Image via Stephenson County Right To Life]

This billboard was inspired by an incident in which a rare Jesus-head seed got mixed up in a Kansas farmer's wheat seeds and sprouted. It suggests fertility and abundance, and is therefore relevant to our discussion.

[Image via The Migrant Chronicles]

Speaking of Jesus, your fetus could actually be Jesus. So don't abort him! It will ruin Christmas. (It probably won't be Jesus, though.)

[Image via Pro-Life Wisconsin]

Like Latino women's wombs, African-American women's wombs are also dangerous, deadly places. Quit filling up your uteri with rattlesnakes, African-American women.

[Image via National Right to Life]

Okay, so maybe African-American women aren't carrying poisonous snakes inside their wombs after all. Maybe they're just getting too many abortions. According to Georgia Right to Life and the Radiance Foundation, this abortapalooza has made African-American children similar to the Giant Panda and the Snow Leopard.

This billboard by San Diego's Rachel's Hope ministry uses a blurry still from a 1970s horror movie to counter its very literal message.

[Image via Rachel's Hope]

God: Hey, you're pregnant!

Mom: Wha ... Oh wow, I hadn't even noticed! Gee thanks God, I guess you truly are all-seeing and all-knowing. Hey, is that a Jeremiah tattoo on your arm?

[Image via Ask America]

Given what we know about CEOs, this message by Pro-Life America might not be so effective. Just look at that baby, all smug.

[Image via Pro-Life America]

The group Stop the American Holocaust will send you a free booklet about said holocaust if you just fill out their online form—or, you can read their pamphlet while you're driving past one of their billboards (go real slow).

[Image via Stop the American Holocaust]

Sometimes the billboards come to you, thanks to Operation Rescue's "truth trucks." If you don't enjoy looking at a bloody fetus pic while you're motoring down the highway, then you're probably an abortionist.

[Image via Colorado Independent]