Mary Wycherly is a photographer and former indie rocker. Her husband, Martin Carr, is a songwriter and former frontman of shoegaze band the Boo Radleys. Mary recently gave birth to daughter Sailor. As @marytwocats, she tweeted throughout:

Oh man I've knackered the couch with amniotic fluid.

Martin and nana are making me laugh so much that I'm 'squirting' water and contracting simultaneously

Bugger me that was a biggun. #homebirth

Hello! Bath doing wonders. Managed an hour and a half breathing through contractions.10 mins apart now. #homebirth

At this stage I am still in control of this mothership.Feels pretty good. 8 mins apart. Rest of house quiet. #homebirth

When the labor got serious, Mary climbed into a birthing pool and asked Martin (@Martin_Carr) to tweet in her stead:

Oh great, I've run out of beer. This would never happen in the hospital. #homebirth

@marytwocats is in the pool. Gorky's 'Face Like Summer' is on, the creeping sunlight at the window. Wow.

These midwives are ace. "We love it when you want to poo. It makes us happy". #homebirth

It's a beautiful girl. Crying. Amazing. #homebirth

A baby, earlier. #homebirth

Her name is Sailor #homebirth #sailonsailor

So, tweeted childbirth: Yea or nay? It's not like we saw anything gross, and until you get to the really active part, labor does seem pretty boring, lying around counting your contractions and such. Why not spill your guts online, while your guts spill slowly out of your vagina?

As it turns out, Martin found at least one reason not to:

Starting to regret tweeting during birth now. I don't want to go on telly, radio etc It wasn't meant to be an 'event'. In other news, happy.

Years from now, when women have cyborg vaginas programmed to tweet automatically, the circumstances of little Sailor's birth will all seem very quaint. [@MaryTwoCats, @Martin_Carr via Storyful, images via @Martin_Carr]

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