Here's why Huma Abedin, the digitally cuckolded wife of Anthony Weiner, has kept a low profile in the wake of her husband's humiliation and quietly signaled that their marriage will survive: She's in a family way.

We hear that Weiner has been telling associates—the same ones that he's been calling to apologize for lying so spectacularly over the past week—that Abedin is roughly three months pregnant.

Neither Abedin nor a spokesperson for Weiner responded to our emailed inquiries.

But a source familiar with the couple's plans confirmed that they had been trying to conceive their first child in recent months. And about 11 weeks ago they put their two-bedroom Queens apartment up for sale—which, as you can see in the photos on the right, features incredibly sad his-and-hers monogrammed pillows—indicating that they recently learned they'd be needing more space.

Even sadder: Given the timeline of events, it means that while Weiner was busy digitally frolicking with Meagan Broussard in April and May, she was nurturing the nascent stirrings of his future son or daughter in her womb. Mazel tov.


Philippe Reines, a State Department colleague of Abedin's, replied to us: "No comment." And the New York Times is reporting the pregnancy.


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