A recent online poll asked 30,000 thousand users of social networking site Badoo (so, not Americans basically) to pick the funniest and least funny countries from a list of fifteen, and the good old Red, White & Blue came out on top.

I'm pretty sure that the poll didn't mean funniest to laugh at, in case you were worried that we've just been backhandedly insulted. No, no. They mean we make the funniest stuff — from Two and a Half Men to The Hangover Part II, like TNT on opposite day we know comedy. (Very funny?) The Brits, who often compete with us in the funny department, what with Are You Being Served and Torchwood, ranked a dismal seventh on the poll, below even the French, who haven't been funny since that time they banned burqas. (Sigh.) Sorry, England, guess not everyone enjoys vicar humor.

Unsurprisingly, the Germans ranked as the least funny, closely followed by the Russians and the Turks, because nothing about any of those people is funny, they are just all stern and warmaking. Well, I suppose the Russia one is a little surprising. I mean, don't they know any of their own hilarious "In Soviet Russia..." jokes?? Those kill every time! (Much like their Prime Minister.)

Now lest we all get big-headed about our top-notch comedy scene (which is, clearly, thriving), we should remember that this poll was only done with a list of fifteen countries, most of them European. So this really does not say much about the comedy stylings of various African and Asian nations, some of which, granted, don't have a ton to laugh about, but doesn't the best comedy usually come from pain? I say broaden that poll, Badoo. (Ha, "Badoo." Funny word. Ten points for England!)

I mean, America will still win. We always do. But it's more satisfying when there's more competition.

[Reuters; image via Shutterstock]