You remember when Facebook rolled out its creepy facial recognition technology last December in the U.S. Now it's available worldwide. Let's point and laugh as Europe freaks out about the same thing we did six months ago.

Facebook's new feature compares untagged photos to existing pictures of your friends in its database. If it finds matches, it will automatically suggest tags. You cannot hide: You will be tagged. Now if Facebook could develop a technology to keep your buddies from tagging a goat's ass with your face we'd be all set.

The feature was largely met with yawns in America, cause isn't saving 1.5 seconds by having Facebook suggest your friends in pictures worth another baby step towards Skynet? But in Europe, where privacy is still a thing, apparently, the EU has launched a probe into the facial recognition feature. So quaint! Come on, Europe, Facebook's been scanning our faces for half a year now and we haven't descended into a dystopian world of privacy-annihilating technology. Well, at least not any more dystopian.