Fried candy pop act Katy Perry, already a hilarious musical comedienne with ribald and tasteful songs like "Ur So Gay" (in which she says she hopes an ex-boyfriend hangs himself with his faggy scarf), has now entered the realm of funny acting with a new video.

It seems Ms. Perry is acid farting another song into the world (full disclosure: I genuinely enjoy "Firework" and regularly tighten my cilice as penitence for that terrible fact) and in an effort to promote the ditty, called "Last Friday Night" and about high school stuff, she's invented a nerdy 13-year-old character named Kathy Beth Terry. And aw man it is funny. It's funniest when Kathy Beth Terry gushes about how cool it was to talk on Facebook to the real Katy Perry. Um... @InCharacterBrag? Has she invented a new thing? Get the HumbleBrag guys on it.

The worst thing about this is the idea that she may have said to someone, at some point, "Yeah, there's this new character I've been working on" in the way that sometimes sketch actors say that and it's only occasionally not a horrible phrase? I imagine that she said that to someone. And that is just awful. Russell Brand never should have started giving her those comedy lessons! That little card that said "IOU: Comedy Lessons" was, in retrospect, the worst birthday gift he possibly could have given her. Even improv classes would have yielded less annoying results. Improv classes! [via Videogum]