Donald Trump has made another one of those funny videos he makes from The Desk of Donald Trump, this time weighing on Internet penis-flasher Rep. Anthony Weiner. Is there no worse a punishment than having Donald Trump judge you on sex things? Who knows, maybe it will provide some comic relief.

Trump is quick to note that he, of course, knows Weiner very well. The congressman cannot go half a second without asking Trump for money, he says. Weiner would call him all the time asking for campaign contributions. "I don't think I ever called him," Trump notes. Well, maybe not, but Trump does appear to have given Weiner two contributions — one of $2,300 and another of $2,000 — within the past five years. So when Trump says that the "one good thing" about this "psycho," "liar" and "bad person" getting caught is that he'll "never have to give him campaign contributions," he must mean any more contributions.

[via Salon]