Summer's here, so it's time for some handy outdoors D.I.Y. projects. Like this delightful homemade "tank," one of "at least 100" built by Mexican drug cartels!

The "drugs" side of "the war on drugs" is really taking the whole "war" bit seriously, huh? Two "El Moustro" ("the moustro") trucks were found this weekend, just the latest of the dozens that have been turning up all year; the trucks, which start out as regular old pickup trucks, are fitted out with "inch-thick steel plates" and, often, weapons:

One discovered in April had room inside for 12 gangsters, with "two turrets on top and six lateral firing ports" built in. Others are cruder, resembling up-armored SUVs that can withstand "rounds from M-16 and AK-47s," according to one report.

Obviously, we're impressed by the cartels' commitment to the D.I.Y. ethos. But, guys, let's think sustainability here. What about, instead of armored trucks, armored bicycles? Or pedicabs? And instead of selling drugs, selling wind power? Just spitballing, here! You've got the tanks, after all.