Who is the one person allowed to stand up to corporate diva Steve Jobs and criticize the Apple CEO to his face? That would, of course, be musical diva Lady Gaga, who recently talked a little trash at Apple headquarters.

Gaga and her manager Troy Carter last year traveled to Cupertino, California to "pepper" Jobs with questions about Apple's underwhelming music network Ping, including how it connects, or fails to connect, to other social networks and how it is designed, says the New York Times. The meeting took place prior to Ping's launch, but the singer could see the writing on the wall; she and Carter "voiced concerns over the lack of integration with Facebook," the Times said, even though they respected "Mr. Jobs's overall vision."

Gaga later gave Google's CEO Larry Page the nickname "Larry Google" after a meeting involving Page and her manager. The singer is presumably keeping her nickname for Jobs closer to her festively outfitted chest. Given Jobs' legendary temper, there's no need to press her luck.

[Photos of Lady Gaga and Jobs via Getty]