Here's a trailer for The Vow, a Nicholas Sparksian drama that, shockingly, Nicholas Sparks had nothing to do with. The film is actually based on the true story of a woman with amnesia struggling to learn to love her husband again.

The couple is played by Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum, both of whom are veterans of Nicholas Sparks movies. It's probably cruel to say that this movie looks treacly, given that it's based on a sad/amazing thing that actually happened, so let's just say that the film seems to make the story a little glossier than it probably was in real life.

That said, this feels like something of a promotion for Tatum, who has done drama before but never really led one on his own (Dear John was mostly Amanda Seyfried's story). On the other hand, it seems like something of a stall-out for McAdams, such an appealing actress who could apparently use a little help escaping the The Notebook/Time Traveler's Wife/Morning Glory/The Lucky Ones heartstring ghetto. Good thing one of her upcoming movies is a Terrence Malik film. That's a nice change-up!

Anyway, this will likely be a three-hanky affair in the vein of Regarding Henry, so go on with your bad/weeping self and enjoy it if that's your kind of thing.