This star's baby has a birth defect, possibly because she did blow while pregnant. This celebrity marriage happened because the female celeb lost a bet. This head of state is secretly gay. And this actor's wife's drug habit is making him miss work. Thankfully she's not with child.

1. "This almost newborn baby to this B list actress was born with a birth defect. The reason? She did coke most of the way through her pregnancy." [CDaN]

2. "We just found out that this recent celebrity marriage happened originally because of a lost bet. The couple who were dating, were drunk one night and were playing cards. The male made a bet that if he won, the two would marry. Looks like he's good at Phase 10 because they ended up tying the knot!" [BuzzFoto]

3. "What male head of state who is outspokenly anti-homosexual is actually gay and having an affair with his male secretary." [CDaN]

4. "Which TV star's wife is seriously hampering his ability to work because her drug habit is so bad that he can't leave her alone for even short periods of time to film?" [P6]

5. "Desperate Housewives showrunner Marc Cherry, who's already embroiled in a sex discrimination and illegal termination lawsuit filed by Nicollette Sheridan, apparently isn't worried about offending the sensibilities of the actresses on his show. During a panel of ABC network showrunners held Saturday at the Producers Guild's Produced By Conference in Burbank, Cherry draw laughs when he described how he has had to coax performances out of one of his stars. 'One of my actresses on Desperate Housewives is not funny,' he said, before offering that he coaches her by saying, 'Sweetie, if you raise your eyebrow here, you'll get a laugh.' Cherry didn't reveal the actress in question, but continued, 'She does, and she gets nominations. Daddy's little girl does comedy. I'm part daddy, part psychiatrist.'" [Blind Gossip]

6. "This C list mostly television actress has been known more for her beauty than her acting talent. However, she recently had a chance to land one of the most coveted positions that as available. With her current network show not doing so well, our actress as offered the host job for this talent competition. Pay? $250,000 per week. It as all hers. Then her manager in order to try and get more money said our actress was not really interested in hosting at this time. The job went to someone else, and our actress has no idea her manager cost her the job she wanted most." [CDaN]

7. "Which wealthy widow is so obnoxious that she has to take her maid to lunch because she's now totally avoided by the Hamptons social set? She was recently seen dining at an outdoor restaurant in Southampton with her maid—who was still wearing a work apron." [P6]

8. "Which actress never leaves the house without a wig? The long-locked beauty has been losing hair from emotional stress." [P6]