There have been several Bernie Madoff auctions over the last couple of years, but one over the weekend in Florida was perhaps the creepiest. Items from Madoff's Palm Beach estate included leather chairs, books and a Rolex that brought in around $400,000. Someone even spent $200 on 14 pairs of Madoff's boxer shorts.

Most of the money from the auction will go to Madoff's victims, although no one the Miami Herald spoke with seemed to really care about the poor rich people who lost their fortunes with the greatest Ponzi schemer of all time. And one buyer even went there:

"I'm not even sure Madoff is guilty of anything," said fashion impresario Giulia Ozyesilpinar, who successfully bid $31,000 for a 1952 Rolex watch. "A lot of greedy people invested with him, people who didn't like the slow real estate market and wanted more money. I'm not sure if Madoff is guilty, or if he was God-sent to punish greedy people."


[Miami Herald; image via Shutterstock]